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|| सुभाषितम्: Subhashitam ||

जलबिन्दुनिपातेन क्रमशः पूर्यते घटः।स क्रमः सर्वविद्यानां धर्मस्य च धनस्य च॥

A pitcher is gradually filled by the drops of water falling into it. Similarly, accumulating knowledge, merit  and wealth is gradual and requires perseverance.


सत्यानुसारिणी लक्ष्मीः कीर्तिस्त्यागानुसारिणी।अभ्याससारिणी विद्या बुद्धिः कर्मानुसारिणी॥

Prosperity follows Truth, Fame follows Sacrifice, Knowledge follows Studies and Intellect follows
past deeds. Good Karma is important.


यो यमर्थं प्रार्थयते यदर्थं घटतेऽपि च।अवश्यं तदवाप्नोति न चेत् श्रान्तो निवर्तते॥

Whatever one desires and strives for, it certainly makes its way – provided the proper effort, focus and equanimity is maintained along the way. Tireless efforts always deliver results.


सर्वनाशे समुत्पन्ने अर्धं त्यजति पण्डितः।अर्धेन कुरुते कार्यं सर्वनाशो न जायते॥

When a total disaster is seemingly imminent in life, a wise person abandons half the desires and wealth and manages with the remaining half. This is the recipe for survival in dire circumstances, and revive one’s life.


गौरवं प्राप्यते दानात् न तु वित्तस्य सञ्चयात्।स्थितिरुच्चैः पयोदानां पयोधीनामधः स्थितिः॥

Greatness and glory is gained by donating wealth, not by accumulating it. It is the clouds which shower water upon us is held up (glorified) is the sky, and the (place of) water accumulating ocean continues to remain under ground.

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